My Services

Essentially I work with four groups of people:
Young People
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Whatever your child is struggling with, early intervention is key.
In our weekly sessions we use art and play – the natural language of children – to help communicate what is going on.
Within a safe, therapeutic relationship your child can begin to express previously bottled up feelings and experience a tremendous sense of relief.
Then there is more space to engage in the world and grow. 
I will always meet parents first to discuss what you would like help with. Sometimes parents themselves seek help with how to deal with challenging situations and this can be arranged alongside your child’s therapy. Please see ‘Parents’ below.
Sessions can sometimes be arranged in school.  

Young People

The teenage years are full of challenges and sometimes they can become overwhelming. Many young people try to cope on their own and asking for help can feel like a big step. I would like to listen to whatever is going on.
Therapy is an opportunity for my clients to get to know themselves, to make sense of their difficulties and to develop resilience – then they can cope with the many challenges and transitions that occur at this time of life.  


Sometimes in life we face new challenges which can feel overwhelming and may affect our mental or physical health. Or we might have unresolved issues belonging to an earlier part of our life, and which continue to negatively impact our current experiences and relationships.

Talking to a therapist is a chance to make sense of your thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space. When we can explore and work through our emotional difficulties, it often leads to a greater sense of freedom in the present and increased hope and optimism for the future.


From time to time it may be helpful to have some sessions which involve parents either individually or with your child. This is to support the work with your child or young person.
Whatever the age of your child, parenting can sometimes feel stressful or overwhelming. I offer a reflective space for parents to share their concerns with experienced therapists. For more information about parent groups, please get in touch. 

In School

With a background in education, I understand the challenge of supporting vulnerable young students whose school life is impacted by their emotional difficulties and life circumstances.  
Addressing mental health in schools can feel like a daunting task. Here are some of the ways I can help.
I can facilitate communication between schools, parents and a child/young person.
I offer mental health training and consultation for staff, which is tailored to the needs of your school.
I deliver small group or individual therapy in school.
For a discussion about how I can help your school to meet the needs of your struggling students, please get in touch